Car tuning is a very popular activity in today’s society, and this phenomenon nowadays comes in many different forms and shapes. Various types of cars can go through the process of tuning, and the whole idea of personalizing a vehicle and modifying its characteristics to suit the needs and preferences of the owner is gaining more and more followers. Cars that come off the factory lines are created in a “universal” manner, with identical appearances and similar power and performances, but adequate tuning techniques and methods can dramatically improve the visual appeal of a car and especially its performances regarding handling, speed or fuel economy.


However, not all parts that are used for tuning are affordable, and some of them can be quite expensive, which makes tuning a costly sport. Of course, everything depends on the extent of modifications that are performed on the car, and some vehicles require more money than others do.

What Parts Are The Most Expensive?

Regular maintenance can do wonders for the longevity of your car, and careful owners will always make sure that they bring their vehicle to the mechanic shop at least once a year. Oil changes and tire rotations are just some of the essential activities that are performed on a car, but tuning demands a completely different approach. Tuning implies that “old” and standard parts are replaced with components that are superior in their performances or aesthetic appeal.

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For example, the engine is the heart of a vehicle, and replacing a standard motor with a custom-made one can be a pretty expensive endeavor. Of course, broken rods, damaged valve or leaking oil can sometimes force the owners to repair or replace an engine, but adequate tuning can improve motor’s efficiency, fuel economy and overall performances.

Other Expensive Parts

Besides the engine, other parts and components can be pretty costly when you decide to turn your “ordinary” vehicle into a super-attractive roaring machine. Transmission and suspension systems are very complex, and their elaborate nature makes them hard to replace, which means that you will have to splash the cash on these components if you want to have better handling and smoother driving experience.

Exhaust systems and body kit are also on the list of expensive parts, just like turbochargers, ECM units, induction kits, and so on. All of them are available in cheap and affordable versions as well, but it is always important to remember that when it comes to auto parts, you will usually get what you pay for!