Cars and other automobiles are an industry that is worth nearly 350 billion dollars worldwide. Automotive industry production tends towards efficiency and sustainability. With the increase in demand for motor vehicles throughout the world, a number of automotive industries came into the limelight to cater the needs of car culture effectively. The automotive industry is not only about the selling of different type of vehicles, but this also involves in the manufacturing, production, designing, repair, and maintenance of them as well. The automotive industry also provides services like selling of different spares and accessories of vehicles that are required for the maintaining and managing the perfect functioning within a vehicle’s systems. To provide all these facilities, the automotive industry consists four different departments in a dealership. And these departments must work together as a team for the success of the particular automotive industry. Sales department, Management and Administration department, service department and the parts department are the four major departments involved in the automotive industry.


Many people even show interest to choose automotive industry as their career option as working in the automotive industry can make the people to learn innovative skills, that allow them to work in a top-notch technology work environment with a long period job security. Job in this industry provides its employees with several benefits and competitive salaries. Let’s have an idea of each automotive industry department in detail.

Management And Administration Department

Employees at administration and management team put all members at the alert of a dealership’s everyday business. The employees working in this administration and management section by supervising and coordinating other departments are solely responsible for ensuring that whole dealership takes place smoothly and efficiently. Only business minded strong individuals who could work with people in the rapid development environment are suitable to work in administration and management team.

Department of sales

Employees working in the department of sales help to totally design the dealership’s image. Though selling vehicles is a huge part of this, still it takes a professional and efficient person to build a sale. Sales department professionals should not only have a clear interest in vehicles but also they must know about the insurance policies and finance options available in their automotive industry. They also need to explain to customers about the state laws and federal laws pertaining to the sales of the vehicle. They should be in a way to comprehend all the needs and requirements of the customer.

The Service Department

Through good management, administration teams and an efficient sales team are the major bones for the automotive industry, without a service department, a dealership would be nothing. Professionals at the service department are main for success of the dealership. Service department employees ensure the industry that existing customers and also new customers keep coming back to the dealership for all the repairs and maintenance of their vehicles. Service technicians are the employees who must have good knowledge in vehicle mechanics, and also in computers and electronics. In present fast-paced automotive world, professional technicians should always be updated and must maintain their efficient skills to stay on the top of changes in the industry.

The Parts Department

Parts department and service department team should work hand in hand. Experts and professionals who work in the department of inventory, parts order and mainly who distribute the parts to the technicians as well as the public users come under this parts department.

Every department in automotive industry gives a different and unique experience, caters different needs and requires a different set of skills. However, without even any one of the department, the whole dealership would fail. Each department in automotive industry should work with the others to ensure the overall success of the dealership.

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