Cars, trucks and much more motor vehicles continue to be sold at an enormous pace around the world. The automobile industry has grown faster within past decade as the demand for vehicles has raised drastically, which is seen from the increase in vehicle sales. By this, car companies have become one of the powerful industries in the world. Across the world, people have opted for automobiles ranging from mini cars to SUVs to sedans to sports cars. 2018, there is almost 9% increase in automobile sales over 2017. Nearly more than 75 million trucks, cars, and other commercial vehicles have moved from manufacturer companies into selling companies or to consumer’s hands last year. Most of the cars are from top-rated automotive companies in the world. The popular car companies in the world not only focus on vehicles features but give equal importance to after-sales service of cars. However, there are many ways to define the popularity of these companies. Style of the car, quality of the car, mileage, customer service and much more factors decide the best car companies and make them as top-rated companies compared to others in the automobile market.

Here are few top-rated automotive companies from all over the world.

Volkswagen is one of the largest automakers companies in the World. This European automakers company is launched in the year 1937 and is located with its headquarter in Wolfsburg, Germany. With the launch of Skoda, they made their entry into the Indian market in the year 2001. With almost completion of 67 years from its establishment in the automaker industry, Volkswagen company operates under eight different brands across the world that include Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Volkswagen Marques and Bugatti in passenger car segment. Currently, Volkswagen automakers are into five segments: power engineering, motorcycles, financial services, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Volkswagen comprises of 12 different brands across all the three segments and operates in 31 nations worldwide and sells in more than 153 nations. With the strategy to be the world’s best automaker in terms of its intelligence and innovation and intelligence, this company is built on strong values such as a sense of trust, learning, respect, and responsibility. In 2016, its market share is marked as 11.1 percent and sales as 10.3. Nearly 10307345 Volkswagen vehicles have been sold in the year 2017. Its revenue in 2017 is $ 226.03 billion, and net income is $ 12.22 billion.


Honda Motor Company popularly known as Honda company is famous for its top-notch motorbikes and power equipment. Honda company was founded in the year 1948 and has its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. As per 2015 Forbes survey, Honda’s market capitalization is considered as $62 billion. This company manufactures motorcycles, automobiles and power equipment.


Ford Motor Company was launched in the year 1903 with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford company sells commercial vehicles and under the brand name Lincoln and Ford. Ford is mainly famous for it consumer autos. This company is engaged in numerous join ventures and also holds a minority interest in a number of unconsolidated subsidiaries. As an added benefit, Ford company offers financing services to customers.

Automobile companies can also be ranked either by market capitalization or revenue or unit sales.

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